Contra Costa Black Chamber of Commerce
Past CCBC Event
April 26, 2012  Richmond, CA.

      Following our launch in January 2012, CCBC held its first mixer on April 26, 2012 at the Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory at the UC Campus located in the West Contra Costa district near Point Richmond.  The campus is pending final confirmation before officially opening its doors late summer.  The CCBC event was hosted by Cyber Tran International, Inc. and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  

     The feature special guests speakers was John Goia County Supervisor District1, Janet Johnson  Richmond Economic  Development,  Honorable  Richmond City Councimember Nathaniel Bates, former mayor of Richmond who gave a stirring speech to the crowd. 

    Coucilmember Bates has resided in Richmond since 1940's and teaches at California State University East Bay.  He told talked about the journey that Richmond has taken and the path it must travel to see the economy grow.  Bates along with others is looking forward to the new opportunities of jobs, contracts and doing business with the labs.

     Other honored guest were Sam Chapman of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Dexter Vinzinau of Cyber Tran International, Inc.
Chairman Gregory Cantrell gives and address.
Board member Sonja Brooks accepts proclamation from Mayor Bob Simmons
Entrepreneur Leticia Wms and Supervisor John Goia